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Meet Our Team

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As someone who has been in the hospitality industry for 20 years, Thomas had the privilege of working his way up through the ranks of restaurants and hotels. He has worked on both the culinary and customer service side of hospitality, and has built and led teams through grand openings, expansions, franchising, and multi-unit operations. He ran catering operations for Denver Broncos stadium and on the PGA Tour for multiple seasons. He also owned and operated a successful special events and catering business for over 8 years in Colorado, Arizona and California and operated and invested in 7 quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants in Florida and another in Hawaii.

In addition to his work in hospitality, he has also been involved in the entertainment industry for the past decade. Attending live studio shows like American Idol, The Voice, AGT, The Price is Right, Ellen, Conan and Jimmy Kimmel, he had the opportunity to meet and become friends with executives, producers, directors, and talent. This led to him building a roster of TV show contestants for his special events, and eventually volunteering and assisting in booking national touring acts for several Christian music festivals.

Now, Thomas is excited to announce that he moved to Nashville to dive deeper into the music business. He rebranded and relaunched his small booking agency as SixOneFive Agency, and has already signed a diverse roster of music artists, a comedian, and a celebrity chef. He is committed to developing and managing these artists, in addition to booking their appearances and live performances.

Meet Macy Ray, a junior at the University of Arkansas currently navigating her academic journey through online classes while living in Nashville. While growing up in Texas, Macy found a love for country music. Pursuing a Bachelors degree in communication and a minor in journalism, Macy is gearing up for a promising career in the dynamic world of the music industry.

Macy joins our team as Director of Public Relations and Marketing. She will help us create and maintain our company and talent’s public image via media inquiries, press releases and social media presence. She will also organize and manage the design and content creation of marketing campaigns for our brand and talent for upcoming shows and tours.

As SixOneFive grows beyond a management and booking agency and starts hosting events and in-house content production, this roll will grow and oversee a team of digital media and content creators.

Nate Boggs joins SixOneFive Agency as the Director or Content, infusing his unique blend of passion and expertise into our dynamic team. With a compelling background in social media management and content creation, Nate has honed his skills working with both small and large companies across the states. Originally rooted in Southern California and later Arizona, Nate made the leap to Nashville in late 2023, fueled by a lifelong love for country music.

His journey took an entrepreneurial turn in late 2021 when Nate launched @countryreels on TikTok. Boasting an impressive following of nearly 250,000, his knack for capturing the essence of country musicians at concerts and festivals caught the industry's attention.

Nate brings a wealth of experience to the agency, elevating our digital presence. His keen eye for storytelling through visuals, coupled with his love for country music, makes him an invaluable asset. Nate is poised to lead the charge in crafting compelling narratives, enhancing our brand and talent's visibility across various platforms.

Introducing Ty Schwegman, a freshman at Belmont University studying Music Business in Nashville. Ty grew up in Indiana and he developed a love for country music at a young age. Committed to building a lasting career, Ty is wholeheartedly dedicating himself to networking and continuous learning, eagerly absorbing valuable insights about the music business.

He also runs a growing country music TikTok account posting videos of all the concerts he has attended. Country Live (@PYM.Live)

Ty joins our team as an Agent Assistant where he will help manage our clients, coordinate travel and hospitality arrangements, scout new talent and venues, make phone calls, respond to emails and act as a liaison between talent, venues, managers, publicist and executives on behalf of the Talent Agent.

We’re excited to welcome Ty as an intern while he completes his education at Belmont and can’t wait to watch him grow within our company and the music industry. 

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